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Over 3.8 BILLION Views

5.8 Million Subscribers

3.8 Million Followers

Modules 1-2


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  • Learn the secrets to becoming a social media millionaire
  • Learn the first thing to do right now to secure your success
  • Learn how to turn you passion and hobby into cash
  • Learn how to start now without any money or fancy camera equipment

Going from your first brand deal to MILLION-DOLLAR deals.

Some of the brands Devin has worked with:

Developing your own brand, style, and SUPERTRAMP LOOK

  • How to differentiate from the crowd
  • How to build a massive following on any social platform
  • How to explode your own brand
  • How to turn failures into successes

Modules 1-2


Learn How to Explode Your Channel's Following

  • Influencer secrets to growth hacking your success
  • Secrets to killing it on YouTube and other social platforms
  • Leverage trending content to build followers
  • Take smart risks that pay off
  • Devin’s camera tricks and tips that get subscribers coming back

Featured In:

Learn How to Make Millions with Celebrities and Major Brands

Casey Neistat, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Michael Fassbender, and many more.

  • Make celebrities and big brands beg to work with you
  • Structure win-win deals with celebrities and big brands
  • Build fame through cross promotion
  • The secrets to getting agents attention

Includes over 5 hours of incredible content!

Devin’s HomeSkool course is not your typical “sit and listen to someone talk” course. You’ll be taken right to the SuperTramp headquarters where you’ll be following Devin and his team through their process.

As you work through Devin’s course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Take your filmmaking to the next level
  • Choose the right equipment for each job and how to use it to get the best results
  • Edit videos like a professional, with equipment you have at home
  • Brainstorm viral ideas
  • Create your own brand and category of content
  • Buy the right equipment on a budget
  • Set up your own Social Media channels and find the perfect audience
  • Get permission to do and film crazy ideas (like jump off a giant building or build a massive slip and slide)
  • Get huge brands to notice and hire you
  • Manage massive brands deals and make a consistent living on social media
  • Grow your audience
  • Get out of a rut if you’re stuck creatively

Living the DREAM

Turn your passion into profit


Modules 1-2